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The staff is our most important resource

Our employees have a long experience and knowledge of qualified milling, drilling, turning, grinding, fitting and welding.

At the disposal we have state of the art machinery for precision machining. We always have a well-stocked supply of materials which enables short delivery times. In addition to our own production resources, we dispose of a large network of surface treatment, painting, wire and die-sinking EDM and fabrication.

We have since the early 90s actively worked to build a network of partner companies in The Balkan. This long term development process has resulted in that we can  now offer our customers production of components both on Öland and the Balkans.

When goods that are produced in The Balkan arrives in Sweden we see over a rigorous  quality control, we also take care of any surface treatments and finishes prior to delivery to the customer.

For us it is important that you as a customer feel secure throughout the process.

Machine Quantity Dimensions (mm)
Manual Lathes 6 Ø500x1500
Milling Machines 5 1000x300
Pedestal Drilling Machines 4
Special Milling Machine 1 1600x400
Axial Grinding Machine with internal grinding equipment 2 Ø250x1000
Surface Grinder 1 1000x400
Vertical Multi-operational Machines 5 1600x700
Horizontal Multi-operational Machines with Automatic tool changers 2 560x560x600
CNC-Lathes Subspindel, Y-axel 3 Ø360x700
Welding Machines MIG/TIG 2
Laser Markningsmachine Laserpro Spirit 1
Coordinate Measurement Machine with Pcdemis programs, CE Johansson 1 1000x1000x600